WIP TELECOM offers both wholesale and retail VOIP solutions with high-quality.

More than 250 countries can be routed via carefully selected carriers for delivering fixed and mobile minutes. International termination is offered through direct interconnections to leading international carriers.

Our network , allows us to build solid and stable A-Z on different quality levels Cli , Ncli , Premium TDM and , Retail  which we are able to route separately from wholesale to give it top priority

We are proud to be able to deliver

*          Aggressively Low Rates

*          Quality of services

*          Exclusive offers and deals

*          Reliable interconnections

*          24/7 traffic monitoring.

*          24/7 NOC, 2 escalation


To expand the range of services, Wip Telecom has developed a flexible, and powerful, SMS-platform in order to allow to our customers to master control for optimal management of their promotion.

Wip Telecom offers its SMS Marketing Service, whatever the size of your business or industry, in order to allow you to fit your needs and better personalize your promotion, with comprehensive traffic and delivery reports in any currency at time of the day.


With extensive experience in call center ,Wip Telecom is proud to offer a complete range of services for your telemarketing and Home-shoring activities: SIP account, broadcast and receiving calls, as well as all technical tasks related to your call center.

Wip Telecom offers reliable and high quality voice termination and transit services to satisfy customer’s needs, and is the right choice for a competitive voice termination and transit partner. we provide to our Call center  the rich functionality of ACD with fast and smart routing, and the latest technologies and capabilities on the market.

With our contact center enable your agents to provide your customers a better experience with faster and more responsive service,

Our comprehensive product range is available at highly competitive rates with 24×7 support.


The experienced team of highly qualified professionals ensure that Wip Telecom’s customers receive excellent service for call shop

Here is evrything you need to increase profits and build customer loyalty. Reduce your expenses by using lower-cost channels. And consistently deliver a unified, efficient, and highly personalized experience that builds customer loyalty and reduces costs through efficiency gains.

With Wip Telecom  you will have:

*          Competitive Prices

*          Quality of services

*          Professional team

*          Accessible Customer Service

*          Voice Quality and Security

*           Noc Support 6/7


  • CRM

As a result of experience of many years, we offer the most reliable CRM for call centers. Wip Telecom CRM will allow you to better manage and customize your telephone platform and especially to master the controls, giving you the opportunity to manage reliably your incoming and outgoing calls , to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of each of your business … Addresses, tasks, projects and appointments are all at your finger tips. You can update the data at any time and all users can see it. Every customer is of value to a company. A professional CRM system helps you segment your customers into different groups and then target these groups effectively.


Cloud computing is an infrastructure in computing power and storage are managed by remote servers by users connect via a secure internet connection. The desktop or laptop computer, the mobile phone, the touch pad, and other connected objects become access points for running applications or viewing data that is hosted on the servers. The cloud is also characterized by its flexibility, which allows vendors to automatically tailor storage capacity and computing power to users’ needs.

For the general public, cloud computing is particularly materialized by digital storage and data type sharing services such as Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Apple iCloud on which users can be stored (photos, videos, music, music. ..) and access anywhere in the world from any connected device.

Computing, you reinforce your ability to adapt effectively to Wip Telecom’s Cloud-based, you open yourself manage your server via a connected application.

Cloud Computing enables companies to access technology that is essential to support and grow business. By opting for cloud environment changes and market conditions.